Hydraulic Tube Honing Machine


CNC honing machine having computer based on Windows system, with main shaft and 4 speed servomotor.

Diameter range (I.D): 25.15 – 1100 mm
Maximum stroke length: 10 000 mm
Stroke Speeds (stepless): 1-40 m/min
Spindle Speed Range (stepless): 10-466 RPM
Spindle Servomotor: 7,0 kW (15RPM at 4,0 kW)
Stroke Servomotor: 5.1 kW
Maximum Outside Diameter on Work Table (with standard fixture): 400 mm (15,7″)
Maximum Outside Diameter on Work Table with HT-350 fixture: 600 mm (23,6″)
Honing Oil System: Magnetic Separator and Coolant Pump
Honing Oil Pump Rate: 50 liter (11 lmp. Gals) per minute
Honing Oil Capacity: 500 litres (110 lmp.Gals)
Type of oil: Industrial Oil

Standard Features:
– Automatic correction of bore errors
– Programmable advance during the work cycle
– Programmable spindle speed
– Programmable limit to detect excessive torque
– Dwell and oscillation facility (automatic defect correction)
– Storage facility for programmed setup
– Touch screen programming
– Electronic controlled stone feed
– Fixture with 3 v-blocks
– Two traveling steady rest (nc controlled)
– Tool support (automatically enabled)
– Oil cooler with magnetic filter
– Parts fixing systems with diameters up to 25,15 mm (0.990 “) or more than 1100 mm (39.4”)