Romania Hidro Service S.R.L was founded in 1998 with headquarters in Târgu-Jiu, GORJ county, having private capital.

The main activity of our company is execution and marketing of hydraulic seals ( wipers, “U” cuffs, oil seals, “O” rings, “V” set of cuffs, composites seals for rod and piston, etc.), crimping of hydraulic hoses and repairing of hydraulic cylinders.

We are the only representatives in Eastern Europe of GUARNITEC GROUP Italy and EVCO France for the hydraulic and pneumatic gaskets segment. We have 6 SKF Economos sealing machines with which we can make almost any profile of hydraulic and pneumatic seals, with an outer diameter of up to 620 mm.

We repair and replace hoses, on the spot, exactly according to the client’s request: hydraulic hoses, oxygen hoses, acetylene hoses, agricultural equipment hoses, car wash hoses, car climate hoses, power steering hoses, etc.

The company sell the whole range of hydraulic and pneumatic components such as: ball joint ends, weldable ball joint ends, different types of flanges, pistons, threaded bushes for rod, hydraulic pumps, electric motors, hydraulic distributors, lifting straps, ratchet straps, V-belts and power transmission belts.
All products are imported from countries such as Italy, Spain, France and Austria.

Also, starting with 2015, we have an impressive stock of chrome bars (C45E, C45E I.H., 20MnV6, 42CrMo4, 42CrMo4 I.H), H8 / H9 honed pipe, Chrome pipe, Chromed pipe on the outside and honed on the inside. We cut these products to the lengths desired by the customer and deliver throughout Romania.

Starting with 2009 ROMANIA HIDRO SERVICE S.R.L. has been repairing in its own workshop hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic spare parts, machine tools and hydraulic machines.


Ing. Doman Rodion

Marketing Director

Cristi Becheru

Technical Director

Nae Popescu

Workshop Team Leader

Ion Iosif

Head of Machining Dep.

Adrian Scanteie


Ioana Pana

Export Department

Valentin Fîcea

Sales Agent

Cristina Mereanzu

Sales Agent

Constantin Urluescu

Purchasing Department

Vasile Dascalu

Production Developer

Catalin Crisan

Sales Agent

Anca Andries

Economic Manager

Claudia Savulescu

Finance Department

Alina Ghira

Billing Department

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